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Training and qualifications in the field of fruits and vegetables

FROV Experts experts know all the pros and cons of the fruit and vegetable market (FROV). From the patterns of growing fruit and vegetable products in a particular region or country, to the specifics of its collection, processing and packaging for a specific logistic transportation scheme. Therefore, we offer our clients a choice of several models of cooperation with our company.

  1. On-site inspections of F&V (to order)

  2. Scheduled inspections of F&V (according to the schedule)

  3. Inspection of F&V at the customer's site (permanent presence)


Our services for quality control of fruits and vegetables:

  • Inspection (at the port / in the warehouse / during the inspection)

  • Inspection of loading and shipment

  • Tally account

  • Examination of damage and loss, fixing of losses

  • Quality control (at the DC / warehouse / at the manufacturer)

  • Training and professional development of quality specialists

  • Development of product acceptance standards (catalogs, cards, requirements)

  • Expert advice on quality control of fruits and vegetables

If you didn’t find what you were looking for, but you still have questions, just call us!

FROV EXPERTS quality standards

Get access to quality standards for fruits and vegetables!

UNECE Standards FFV-47 (2019)

F&V international quality standards
In the Russian interpretation (2021)

OK, YES (2021)

DIXY (2017)

Pyaterochka / Perekriostok and Marking (2015)

Alfabet of Taste (2020)

Auchan (2016-2018)

Logo UN FFV-49
FROV Experts

Independent examination of F&V

International standards

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