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FROV Experts and Survey Services Market News

FROV Experts helps Suppliers and Manufacturers of Fruit & Veges

Currently, the fruit and vegetable supply market is in a difficult situation and, in order to support producers and suppliers of fruit and vegetable products, FROV Experts company

provides 5000 rubles (or a 50% discount) for its own services of independent assessment of the quality of fruits and vegetables to all new Customers.

To obtain a certificate, you must:

1. Send the contact details of your representative

2. Company details, as the Certificate is issued for a specific company.

3. Get a Certificate in electronic form with a personal number.

4. Specify the Certificate number and Company name at the time of the Expert's Order.

5. Get a bill for services for 5000 rubles less!

An example of the certificate is below:

FROV Experts 50% Discount_(ENG example signed).png
FROV Experts 50% Discount_(RUS example signed).png

If you didn’t find what you were looking for, but you still have questions, just call us!

Independent examination of F&V

International standards

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