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Rwathia Agrofarm.

Who We Are.

Rwathia Agrofarm is a general partnership incorporated under Cap, 499, section 14 on 14-3-2019 in Kenya to engage in Farming and Exporting of organically grown fresh produce-mainly Fruits and Herbs.

Rwathia Agrofarm is also, duly licensed by the Agriculture and Food Authority-Horticultural Crops Directorate to export horticultural produce as specified under the Crops Act 2013 from 1st -July-2021 to 30-Jun-2022, - to export the following products; -Fruits, Medicinal, Aromatic Products (Herbs & Spices) And Vegetables.

Rwathia Agrofarm is also registered with Kenya Plant Health Inspectorate Service [KEPHIS] and granted access to export avocado (Fruits).

We are, based in JUJA, along Thika Road.


Rwathia Agrofarm is a general partnership whose core business is Farming and Exporting of organically grown fresh produce-mainly Fruits and Herbs.

We are an Exporter of the highest quality fresh fruits and Herbs. The company has been in operation since 2019 and is located at JUJA, along Thika Rd.

Rwathia Agrofarm is a proud supporter of local farmers and locally grown fruits and Herbs.

Our Vision.

Through a total response of speed, adaptability and professionalism, our aim is to emerge as market leader within the realms of providing supreme fresh fruits and herbs. We strive to accomplish entire customer satisfaction by offering a pro-active reaction to customer feedback.

We envision a nation (Kenya) with an enhanced livelihood that can be achieved through fair and ethical growing and trade in fresh produce. We intend to expand our services globally in order to contribute to a healthy food environment.

Rwathia Agrofarm will constantly be striving to increase the company’s efficiency through adoption of new technologies, and continuous improvement of our processes to meet the customers increasing needs.

Our Mission.

We aim to provide rapid and excellent, around-the-clock customer service and value, and to deliver the highest quality fruit and herbs supplies unmatched anywhere in the world.

We shall endeavour to achieve sustainable excellence and returns in our services, while ensuring worldwide fresh produce trade within international standards and procedures in a cost-effective manner. We shall align with the number one consumer trend today – fresher and healthier foods, chemical free and nutritionally rich.

At Rwathia Agrofarm, we shall deliver a whole world of freshness—no matter who, or where you are.

Our Core Values.

At Rwathia Agrofarm, we believe customer satisfaction begins with the earth: the land from which the grower creates fine brands and fine produce that are key to our way of doing business.

We believe that integrity, trustworthiness and honesty are integral to who we are as a company, and so, we insist on that at every stage of what we do. We insist on ‘Fair Trade’ principles and ethical business practices that support even the smallest grower.

We also stipulate that, the choice of produce we accept, and its delivery to the supermarket shelf and your/our customers’ tables, be done to the highest ethical and quality standards.

It is this passion for getting things right and our refusal to compromise on quality that will establish our reputation in the very promising future of Agribusiness in our Country-Kenya.


We Farm-You Eat.


Samuel Karanja Muiruri.

Joseph Kamau Gitigi

Benson Waithaka Gitigi- (Operations Director).









Sizes (Also Referred to as Counts):

Avocados for export are picked and packed in sizes of 12, 14, 16, 18, 20, 22 and 24.

Packing & Packaging:

Packing is done in our upgraded pack-house with modern packing equipment using upgraded laminated packing 4kg cartons (35cm x 28.5cm x 9cm) or depending on the request of the customer (mostly in packaging carton boxes of 4kg, 5kg, and 10kg). The packing is done based on the HACCP Quality Assurance Accreditation and the packaging material is approved by FDA to guarantee that it does not have any damage to the product. Besides, the boxes comply with all the necessary standards for export including being cold and weight resistant.

Sizes 16, 18, 20, 22, and 24 are packed in 4 kg packs. And 26s, 28s, 30s, and 32s will be in 10kg packs.

The 4kg boxes are packed into pallets which hold 276 boxes each. Every 40 cubic feet container holds 20 such pallets (276 boxes*20 pallets =5520 boxes of 4 kg each / 40-foot container.


Most of fresh avocados are shipped in CA (Controlled Atmosphere) containers to Mombasa port on route to Europe and Middle East by sea. The shipments take 12 – 15 days to reach Marseilles and 21 days to reach Rotterdam / Amsterdam. To reach Dubai, for our Middle East clients, the shipments take around 8 days.


Our real time prices vary due to the many factors at play. However, as an indication, the prices (FOB) range from US$1.25 – US$1.75 per kg. Price range per box is US$ 5 – US$ 7 (FOB).

Payment Terms:

For orders less than one container per week, prepayment (by Telegraphic Transfer) is required. For orders more than 1 container per week, payment is by letter of credit or by bank, SBLC/corporate guarantee subject to the existing business relationship.

Avocados (Hass, Fuertes and Pinkerton).

Seasons: March to October.

Price: 6 US$ per 4kg packet CIF -variations based on market forces.


Seasons: October to February.

Price: 5 US$ per 4kg per packet CIF again with-variations based on market forces.

Rwathia Agrofarm.

We focus on operations in production; we contract with farmers in rural emerging markets to produce according to our methods. In Kenya, 70% of the avocado growing is by smallholder farmers, who typically can make between 600-800 fruits per acre per season. The average amount a farmer makes from each fruit is $0.46, meaning they are bringing in between $276-368 per season that goes towards supporting their families and communities. This is also a means of poverty alleviation in the avocado growing regions of Kenya.

We use sustainable climate resilient production methods. We help facilitate specialty seeds, and tree seedlings to amend the soils, and we bring materials for their production and secure post-harvest of their crops. We endeavour to export and market the products to the high-end conscious consumers in the Western, China and Middle Eastern markets. Rwathia Agrofarm uses a production method that will replace conventional agriculture.

Rwathia Agrofarm is looking for financial partners to expand production, consolidate operations and facilitate market entry in Middle East, China, Northern, Central Europe and Pacific Northwest of USA/Canada.

Avocados grown in Kenya make up about 17% of the nation’s total horticultural exports. The need for Kenya to export 40% of its avocado produce to China at -30 degrees Celsius, South Africa and other emerging markets presents a great opportunity for Rwathia Agrofarm.

Is Frozen the Future?

The demand for frozen avocados is growing because of their convenient form and some have described the linkage between frozen food and decreasing food waste. For smallholder farmers to benefit, a tremendous upgrade of the existing value chain to include cutting, peeling and freezing facilities alongside upgrading Kenya’s cold chain infrastructure would be needed.

There is lack of technology in Kenya to provide and sustain required temperatures whilst retaining the product integrity. Cryogenic Individual Quick Freezing (IQF) technology, a global solution for the existing gap is needed. This cold chain solution is an advanced global practice for attainment of superior quality products using natural food grade carbon dioxide to attain sub-zero temperatures (0 to -78 degrees Celsius).

We look forward to setting up an Avocado Oil Processing Plant and in the long run a Cryogenic Food Processing Unit with the availability of funds and partners.

Rwathia AgroFarm
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